Friday, January 22, 2010

a new year : new chapter..

2010 almost a month now. many things happen.

work? still at the same company. this year in june it's my 7 years with the company. satisfaction? loyalty? trust? responsible? happy? just go with the flows.

study? my 7th semester. oh another "7". am taking 4 subjects only but most of my friends taking 5 subjects. i guess it enough with 4 at the moment. law is not my favorite so better not take that one this semester. target to score straight A's. Must improve my method of studies. Love Huayi lecturer, Mdm Zhang Laoshi. Fun & interesting! Lot's of assignment to do. FAR, MAF, CTU due on March. Mandarin video project also in march. hopefully everything can be done in time.

Moving! end of this month we have to move out because our current landlord is coming back from Sabah . I think is the best coz this house really give me bad memories and i no longer trust this neighborhood after the 2 times break in cases. Hope the new house is better and safe for us. Can't wait to move in. Oh i really hate the response of our current landlord when we asked about our deposit. People so hard to understand.

Diet. up & down depends on my mood. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yati bila kau mau serius nih.

new madness!
Facebook! luv it! bleh jmpa kawan2 lama since kat SKLM & SMKLB.
Korean Drama CD collection! 1 month 1 drama giler! complete viewing 16 cd in 2 days. sleep at 4.30 am for few days really crazy...

oh enough for today see yah later..

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