Thursday, January 19, 2012

Play ! FT Island 2012 Kuala Lumpur 14012012

Last Saturday me & Jufa went for Play! FT Island concert. It was unplanned event, going there right after done exam for Maf620. Reason frustrated cannot do well in exam. Sangat bagus kan tensen ngan exam pegi konsert mcm dah final paper je exam tuh.
Actually we have entered a few competition for the ticket but not lucky enough. So last minute plan search for the ticket on concert day. Jufa managed to find 2 number seat at lower price so there we go. Let's Play!!!!!!!!

Finally got to watch "adik Hong Ki" sing live. yeah Hong Ki is my bias in the group if u see the fancam focused on him that was me holding the camera hahahahah . Here one of the video we take for the opening + I Hope song.

They performed 23 song at the concert. Here link for fancam from us.

Hello Hello, Love love love, Flower Rock, I confess, Bad woman , love sicks and Like a birds pt 1, Like a birds pt2+ending.

Click on the song name if u wanna watch the video. The videos was uploaded by Jufa. There are 2 parts of Like a birds because i forgot to change the camera battery huhuhu. Frust jugak tak dpt rakam full lagu ni dah la one of my fav song.

Here some pictures taken during the concert. ermm need to improve my skills most of the pic really bad.

Concert was AWESOME! Ft Island JJanG! fully satisfied with their performance. really enjoyed watching "adik Hong Ki" so energetic bouncing around but vocal still tip TOP. SAranghae Hongki! Leader JoongHoon wow sexy yo with his guitar. Sangat mengancam ini leader. Minhwan wow me while performing I confess. Jaejin & seunghyun you guys Rock!

Behind the scene video during break really funny. Finally can watch them perform The Man from Sinsa Dong live. They won 1st place in Immortal Song with this song. Lastly Primadonna give them 'pulut kuning' as present. FT Island really rock the nite!

Now i was affected with FT Island virus. Sebelum ni kenal Hong Ki a.k.a Jeremy now dah menular ke members lain lagi2 leader Joonghoon. Please comeback again FT Island! Oh they were so COMEL when communicate with fans using English.

My message to organizer PLEASE jangan la bagi orang jual air dlm concert. Menyemak Okay.

Notes:This is my 3rd kpop concert for 3 month in a row. start with 2PM Hands Up in Nov then MoA in Dec 11. Giler!

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