Thursday, March 29, 2012

The invitation that make me crazy

[We are inviting BOICE fans to the first CNBLUE fan meeting.]

Hello, here is an official announcement for the fans.
The first CNBLUE fan meeting is scheduled on May 5th.
Prior to the event, we would like our BOICE fans to RSVP until April 1st.
(Please RSVP through BOICE POLL
on CNBLUE official website so we know how many BOICE fans are coming)

Further notice is going to be announced in a couple of days.
Thank you.

** ni yg ada terpikir nak buat kerja giler nih. huhuhuhu
kenapa la harus 5 May if between Apr 19-26 kan cantek...
Sure la jeles ngan those Boice yg dapat pergi


r.i.t.a said...

ni musti psal korea neh...

Yatt said...

of coz hahahaha