Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Khuntoria fever! (warning entry gila korea)

Khuntoria was the 1st We Got Married couple I've watch.
My friend Jufa introduced me to this show.
Because of the sweetness & cuteness of both Nickhun & Victoria
it's become my favorite.
Every weeks on Monday I'll browsing for the Eng sub video.
Because it aired on Saturday in Korea.
sometimes I'll stream it live during the broadcast.
macam faham je kan nengok live.
after 1 year 3 month they ended their fake marriage.
Lepas ni no more Khuntoria. sob! sob!
Lot of khuntoria fan wish they will really date & get married.
Including me.
Mengong tak aku? hahahahaha
Tetiba teringat khunnie nye tweet on last day filming
'Only you are my other half"
Ermmm bila plak aku nak jmpa my other half nih??
Back to khuntoria so many rumours about reason the ended the show.
No matter what it is i still support this couple.
can't wait for 2pm Asia tour concert.
Stat menabung from now!
Khuntoria forever! Fighting!

Tetiba teringat khuntoria first meeting kat 63 building
they also ended at 63 building.
Jufa nanti jom pegi nak? feeling khuntoria skit hahahaha

k enough mengarut tengah2 malam.
Now nak pi sahur sok nak pose then tido.


Masy said...

ok tak paham pape pon hahaha

YatT'S said...

hahaha kak masy ni tuk orang kpop avid fans only hahahaha