Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hottest mission!

Me & Jufa mission today.
Started at early morning likes going to works.
Bring also our laptop for killing time.
Arrived at viva around 10 am after lost about half n hour.
glad one of my friend lives nearby so she guide us there.
Then once again lost inside the mall.
After found the venue then we going outside for the ques.
omo! omo! wow the que already looooooooongg!
This is the lines before the rain.
That uncle in blue shirt wow me!
caya la uncle! jjang!

Then we moved inside..
Below the que in front us.

and below the que behind us.

Here we makes new friends. u guys Jjang!
All of us has worried we might not get the
ticket by looking at the crowd.

And this is what we been queing for.

We didn't manage to get the ticket we want.
within 1 hour only discount ticket sold out!
plus VVIP ticket also sold out!
It shows that 2pm has huge fan base here in Malaysia.

But we still buy the ticket. hope its worth it.
2PM boys please put up spectacular performance.
MyHottest see u guys in November.

Notakaki: Entry poyo saja kot omputeh mcm teror je hahahaha


AKO @ retna said...

wah wah bakal tgk konsert 2pm ye... ;) enjoy

YatT'S said...

begitu la gamaknye kak.

r.i.t.a said...

wow yatt...cayalah...

YaTt's said...

nanie semnetara bujang hehehe

MyKhalish said...

adoii aku dizaman bjg xjupe konsert, skrg lgk la. huhu...